Matrix-Q Suns Release 2018.12.21. [Stage Alpha]

The Matrix-Q Research Institute did create today 21st December 2018: 1.552.000,00 MATRIX-Q SUNS (Tokens)[X] for the Matrix-Q SDG Bank to support SDG Entrepreneurs.
50 members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem have received already over 50.000,00 Matrix-Q Sun [1]

in the following “9 economies” types only:

396.000,00 Suns of the 9th Economy

396.000,00 Suns of the 6th Economy

396.000,00 Suns of the 3rd Economy

130.000,00 Suns of the 2nd Economy

316.000,00 Suns of the 7th Economy

58,000 Suns of the 8th Economy


53,000 Suns of the 1st Economy