Matrix-Q SDG Games (Terms of Service)


The Matrix-Q Research Institute SDG Games suggest challenges to SDG Entrepreneurs and provide to the winners support through Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Technology & Resources (Matrix-Q Sun[x] Tokens).


GAMES Suggested for Winter 2018-2019


Every season, between solstice and equinox, one or more challenges will be given, encouraging SDG Entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, to contribute with SDG2030 Global Sustainable Development, by adding value in the 9 fields of sustainable development described through  the 9 Economies.

The challenges may vary, usually a question followed by publications, courses, research materials or activities that need to be attended will complete the challenge.


Usually solstice or equinox dates.


Teams or individuals, that would like to suggest solutions, innovations or ideas, as for solving the problems, pain and challenges described.


For example, 1st January, has been offered a prize of 162.000,00 Matrix-Q Sun[x] for a solution on “Parenting Schools Design” requested by the Matrix-Q Research Institute to the SDG Network and the Scientific Research Community online.

The total amount of the prize will be divided between 9 winners, according to an algorithm which will distribute the total amount of the prize according to the end result generated by the integration of the solutions suggested by the 9 winners.

Matrix-Q Sun [x] tokens  are discount coupons and gift certificates that can be utilized in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem for acquisition of services, products and goods; and can be traded accordingly to the rules set by the Matrix-Q SDG Bank.

In order to empower SDG Entrepreneurs the SDG Bank offers a n amount of Matrix-Q Sun[x] tokens. The tokens can be traded for a number of courses, consultancy, coaching services, products, or goods, available in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem for this purpose.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem members also support SDG by contributing with services, products, prices and resources that would be useful for SDG Entrepreneurs. (List of Matrix-Q Ecosystem members that collaborate with the Matrix-Q SDG Games).

What does a SDG Entrepreneur need ? Resources, training, advisory, consultancy, coaching, tools, models, services (accounting, media, hosting,…), financial resources.?

According to case, development and learning curve, an SDG Entrepreneur may have a variety of needs. Not in all cases the same.


  • Germanix: 1 min animation (clip) production, in value of 5000.00 EUR to be developed within 12 months, with a production time and with technique according to developer pre-set conditions.
  • MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions : Full day training in value of 2600.00 EUR/ attendee.
  • …. more special prizes will be added along 2019.


Game participants must suggest a solution to the challenge given, ina 1.)  3 (no longer than 9) A4 pages, font 11, with 2.) 1 min miniclip presentation and 3.) 9 slides power point presentation and 4.) the answer to the question suggested. 5.)  (complementary audio podcast 8 min presentation is optional).

EVALUATION: It follows 4 stages.

§A.) First review. If candidates have followed the instructions and clearly described the solutions, if the task materials are complete and given on time (dead line) and if are pre-registered. Candidates will receive a number of points. A minimum number of points is given as necessary to be eligible for the next evaluation stage.

§B.) If eligible (§A), the candidates will receive a set of complementary questions on their solution, form and tests on their skills, to fill out.  Each section of the form (question) will have a value in points. The  27 participants with higher number of accumulated points will pass to the next evaluation stage.

§C.) If eligible (§B), the candidates will be requested to draft an implementation project, to be described in 1.) 1 Page A4, and details in 2.) 3 pages. The  18 participants with higher number of accumulated points will pass to the next evaluation stage.

§D.) If eligible (§C),  the candidates will join an experiential full day gamified training (challenges with points). Along this day, they will offer presentations, solve problems and continue discussion, exchange, learning, research and innovation. At the end of the day 9 participants with higher number of accumulated points will pass selected as the winners.

§E.) If eligible (§D) the winners solutions will be integrated into one single matrix, which will be later utilized for the distribution of the prize among them.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, advisors and guests members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.


Once the winners have been selected and the prize distributed (Matrix-Q Suns[x]), it is time for them to decide one of the alternatives suggested for use of the prize.

A.) To join a program supported by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, for the implementation of the project, for which the Matrix-Q Sun[x] won will be utilized. The program may vary in a number of days from 729 to 3×729 days program.

B.) To utilize the Matrix-Q Sun[x] for services or products available at the Matrix-Q Bank Market  with the limitations described for each service or product, regarding the number of Matrix-Q Sun [x] that can be traded for a % of the value.

C.) Join the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, and deposit the prize in an Matrix-Q Bank account, for its use in the future.

D.) A combination of A.),  B.) and C.)


Candidates are encouraged to pre-register.

As for the purpose of completion of the tasks, challenges, suggested along the evaluation process, complementary reading materials, courses, activities, advisory, coaching and support will be provided, BUT ONLY TO PRE-REGISTERED CANDIDATES.

Pre-register steps:

  1. Acquire the Matrix-Q SDG Games publication. Available only at Gumroad. With an update of the game description and basic instructions. A fee may apply.
  2. Fill out an e-Tests, which is helpful for identifying candidates skills or background knowledge and designing complementary materials, advisory or training to be provided. Plus 15 min online session, with details on the test results and advise for the competition.
  3. Complete the experiential training program or activity designed for the candidates as condition for pre-register.


The Matrix-Q Research Institute commits to the completion of the evaluation process and prize distribution, for as long as feasible. The evaluation process, prize distribution and deployment may be interrupted in any moment for any reason, without warning. Participants have no right to claim prizes or refund for pre-register fees or for a compensation through following up programs.

Pre-register does not give right to candidates to any budget or resources for covering any expenses associated to the game they may incur in. The Matrix-Q Research Institute takes no responsibility for any loses, investment or damage caused to participants or third party, through the game process or its cancellation.