[MATRIX-Q SDG GAMES] SDG2030 Social Performing Arts & the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals


The Matrix-Q Research Institute SDG Games suggest challenges to SDG Entrepreneurs and provide to the winners support through Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Technology & Resources (Matrix-Q Sun[x] Tokens)

SDG2030 Social Performing Arts & The 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals

THE CHALLENGE: Design a performing arts product or service with social impact with focus on SDG2030, one or more of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, by United Nations 2015.
THE TASK:  Present a suggestion of a performing arts product or service, in 3 A4 pages, font 11, with 1 min miniclip presentation and 9 slides power point presentation and the answer to the question suggested below. (complementary audio podcast 8 min presentation is optional).
THE PROBLEM: By answering the questions suggested below, for which the problem has been briefly indicated, you will be able to learn, reflect, explore on it and produce a solution.
THE PRIZE: 162.000,00 SUN[x] tokens.  [ ] The prize will be divided between 9 winners, according to an algorithm which will distribute the total amount of the prize according to the end result generated by the integration of the solutions suggested by the 9 winners. The Sun[x] tokens are discount coupons and gift certificates that can be utilized in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem for acquisition of services, products and goods; and can be traded accordingly to the rules set by the Matrix-Q SDG Bank.
DEAD LINE: 20th March 2019.
PRE REGISTER: only preregistered candidates will receive complementary information, reading materials, training and coaching for their participation. In order to pre-register please contact us to or directly at our Gumroad shop
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by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Founder, Matrix-Q Research Institute
Please consider each question as independent from each other, under the same context: performing arts, social impact and SDG.
  • 0. Performing arts have been utilized along universal history as a medium to communicate messages with social impact. Which performing arts projects, products or services for social impact you personally prefer, please list and describe at least 3, of any country, culture, civilization and time. Locate them in universal history and describe their impact at their time and later for future generations.
  • 1. Are you a performing artist ? If yes, which form of performing art would you chose for social impact ? dance, music, theater, story telling, media, others ? If no, would you be ready to explore in an artistic form and build up skills for social impact through performing arts ? Which forms of performing arts would be in this case for you interesting to try out ? why ?
  • 2. How gender equality, and collaboration between men and women, would be relevant for your art ?
  • 3. Which SDG(s), would you prefer as context or inspiration, for your performing arts project ? Would you choose one or more SDGs ? Would you focus on few or one target of a particular SDG only ? Which one(s) and why ? 
  • 4. Which is the kind of impact or influence performing arts can have for SDG Achieving ? 2030 has been set by the United Nations as a year for which the 17 SDG Global Sustainable Development Goals need to be achieved. How performing arts productions with social impact could be of any help ?
  • 5. Which is the importance of arts education in children, youth and academic (university, technical) education ?
  • 6. What is more effective as for social impact with performing arts ? solo performing or crew/ensemble performing ? why ? How would you utilize each of these alternatives for  for SDG ?
  • 7. Which kind of process is necessary for artists to produce a performance for social impact ? in particular for SDG ? Could you outline an example ?
  • 8. Is any artist capable of producing social impact with performing arts ? or do they need a particular set of skills, knowledge or conditions ? If yes/no which ones, and why ?
  • 9. Which are the challenges of a performing arts production for social impact a crew and a producer would face ? How would you solve them ?
  • 9+ Which type of production, story, SDG theme, do you think would be the most relevant for the Netherlands ? Why ? And which creative idea would you like to produce with ?
  • Ɵ. Do you have already a crew or artists ? are you a solo artists ? do you have a producer already ? Are you a producer ? What would be necessary for the project idea you have to become reality ?