The Matrix-Q SDG FUND

The Matrix-Q Research Institute would like to support SDG Innovation.

At the Matrix-Q Research Institute we are designing a new model that will enable collaboration with SDG innovators and leaders, support them to achieve their goals.

We are implementing the Matrix-Q Fund, which is dedicated to support SDG Actions and SDG Innovation projects.

How can a your SDG Action/Project receive support from the Matrix-Q SDG Fund ?

The Matrix-Q SDG Bank enables collaboration between SDG Entrepreneurs, SDG Leaders, SDG Compliant Organizations and SDG Innovators.

Challenges and opportunities combined with  Matrix-Q Sun [X] tokens,  enable SDG Innovation and entrepreneurship.

OUR NUMBERS in 2018-2019

  • 2018, over 71.000,00 EUR gifts have supported SDG Leaders and their teams to engage into SDG actions, by incorporating Matrix-Q SDG Solutions into their projects.
  • In January 2019, a total of  786.000,00 Matrix-Q Sun[X] tokens have been assigned to support SDG Innovators participants of the Matrix-Q SDG Games.
  • 8.000 Matrix-Q Sun[X] tokens are given to volunteers in our SDG Innovation & Research Projects.
  • Participants in the Matrix-Q Immersion Programs, Matrix-Q Ecosystem, also receive support according to their efforts and ability to integrate SDG principles and actions into their projects.
  • The Matrix-Q SDG Awards welcome leaders and organizations to present their SDG Projects and receive support through this fund.


As individual leader, community, organization or innovator, please contact us with a letter introducing your SDG Engagement (Action, Project, Innovation), and describing how would you prefer to utilize the funds. Contact us to:

Funds are given in Matrix-Q Sun [X] tokens only.