Experiment Status [Definitions]

Stage Alpha.2018.

Stage Alpha Definitions: 

The Matrix-Q Sun: It is not a legal tender. It is not an ICO. It is a token that operates as a gift card or as a discount coupon and can not be cashed out. As a discount coupon is given under certain conditions to our ecosystem members. As a gift certificate can be purchased. It can not be transferred. It has a validity date limit. It has unique code per token generated by one algorithm.

Matrix-Q Suns Types:

There are two types in Matrix-Q Suns in circulation:

  • 1.) Discount coupon given by the Matrix-Q Bank to the users.
  • 2.) Prepaid gift certificate bought by eligible users.

User Eligibility:

Details and conditions for eligible users:

  • Once bought or received a Matrix-Q Sun cant be cashed or converted into money (legal tender, fiat money, or any other form of document of any financial value). But it can be ONLY utilized for “payment” or as a “trade” value for some Matrix-Q Services and Goods listed in this website and in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem cloud platform, and can be used ONLY within the Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem and ONLY between the Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem registered and eligible members.


  • The Matrix-Q tokens will be utilized only for some pre-listed Matrix-Q services and goods, for which fees, prices, gift certificates fees,  will be suggested  in three modalities:
  • 1.) only EUR
  • 2.) hybrid (EUR and Matrix-Q Suns) (token=coupon) or
  • 3.) only Matrix-Q Suns (token=gift certificate).

Marketing use:

  • The Matrix-Q Sun could be used as part of a promotion strategy, to entice the recipient to come in or return to the Matrix-Q Ecosystem and acquire services or products.
  • From the purchaser’s point of view, The Matrix-Q Sun is a gift card purchased or a discount coupon received, that can be utilized for it to be traded for a Matrix-Q object, good or service, which at the moment of acquisition of the gift has not been chosen yet.
  • The purchaser is aware of a potential consumption and makes the choice of acquisition or receiving of the gift card or coupon (token) on advanced.
  • Eventually favorable conditions, like discounts or added value will be associated to the gift certificate (token)
  • Matrix-Q Suns can not be cashed back (there is no refund nor return) after it has been bought.

Expiration Date:

  • Unless reactivated or extended their validity, by the next stage of the experiment, the Matrix-Q Sun (discount coupon or gift certificate) have a limited validity. Set as the next solstice or equinox from the release date.
  • It means that a Matrix-Q sun holder can do use of it only until the immediate next solstice or equinox, the one that comes first.
  • After expiration there is no refund or return in cash. Matrix-Q Suns can not be converted into cash or legal tender.

Face Value:

  • Matrix-Q Suns have a face value.
  • At the moment of new release a number of Matrix-Q suns per category will be released in a particular denominations, with a unique face value.
  • For the stage alpha of the experiment only 27 denominations: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and their multiplied 10, 100 and 1000 will be created for the bank.
  • But at the first season of this experiment, starting in December 21st 2018, only the following economies and their respective denominations will be released: Matrix-Q 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th economies, denominations and face values as : 2,3,6,9,10,100,1000.

Nonary Economy

  • The idea behind nonary economy is that there are 9 economies which should not be mixed up. By making the 9 economies visible, added value in each of them will be acknowleged with its respective token (Matrix-Q Sun gift certificate or discount coupon). As well the respective economy, its sustainable development and growth, will become visible, independently.

Subunits and super units

  • At the first stage of the experiment no subunits or super units will be created but a unique unit, and level.
  • In following stages of the experiment a Non-decimal “currency” system will be utilized in which the ration between the main unit and the subunit will be a form of a nonary type of relationship.

Levels of Impact


  • A rate for a number of Matrix-Q SUNs to be acquired, will vary according to the number of them finally acquired.
  • The rule in general is that higher the number of Matrix-Q Suns acquired, higher also the discount per Matrix-Q Sun acquired.
  • A rate will also vary according to the impact level of the service, product provided or ecosystem member. (see for example impact level vs rates in wages generation with the 9 economies)

Bank Services

  • Please visit the general Terms of Service page for details on Matrix-Q Bank Services.
  • (*) At the stage alpha of the experiment it is only possible a transaction between the Matrix-Q Bank and the Matrix-Q Ecosystem account holders (Bank-2-Customer). It is not possible to do transactions between Matrix-Q Ecosystem account holders. It means that Matrix-Q Suns are not transferable (Customer-2-Customer). In the future, new rules for transactions between Matrix-Q Ecosystem account holders may be released.