The Matrix-Q Research Institute did create today 21st December 2018:  1.552.000,00 MATRIX-Q SUNS (Tokens)[X]  

The Matrix-Q Research Institute did create today 21st December 2018: 1.552.000,00 MATRIX-Q SUNS (Tokens)[X] for the Matrix-Q SDG Bank to support SDG Entrepreneurs.

50 members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem have received already discount coupons in total value over 50.000,00 Matrix-Q Sun [1].

The new Alpha version environment of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem has been launched today, including the Blue Gold membership, for 6 months, which can be purchased with Matrix-Q Suns[1] only.

The 9 Economies Research Project, will provide an e-forum, courses and presentations, for members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem on the cloud. 5 membership classes offer a variety of alternative for new members to enjoy exclusive services, including tailored made experiential training programs.

Would you like to learn more about the 9 economies?

The 9 Economies are a nonary inclusive economy model, for which added value is organized in 9 classes or types of economy.


Innovation, skills, solutions may be valuable but if “the economy” they belong to is not perceived by the system hosting them, then bargain and transaction may never take place under fair conditions.

When a community only utilizes one single economy and the other 8 economies are invisible, the added value generated by individuals and organizations, communities, in the non visible 8 economies is not “perceived” but is part of the bargain and it is acquired, as a consequence an unfair economy evolves. [More about the 9 economies]