The Matrix-Q SDG Bank

The Matrix-Q SDG Bank [Global Sustainable Development Goals Bank]  is an research experiment developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute on “The 9 Economies” [ See “The 9 Economies in a Nutshell”“The 9 Economies Extended” ]

The experiment has its geographical limits in the Netherlands, and Digital Limits into the Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem.

At the first stages of this experiment, the Matrix-Q (Tokens, Credits, Digital Currency = Suns) will be released in the form of 9 categories [The 9 Economies Types], and for each of them a number of Matrix-Q currency digital denominations [Matrix-Q Suns].

The Matrix-Q Suns will be utilized only for some pre-listed Matrix-Q services and goods, for which fees, prices, gift certificates, coupons or bonus, will be given in three kind of digital documents with a value described in:

  • 1.) only EUR
  • 2.) hybrid (EUR and Matrix-Q Suns) or
  • 3.) only Matrix-Q Suns.

The list of products and services [Matrix-Q Market] that can be acquired with Matrix-Q Suns [x] Tokens is updated every season.


The Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem is the digital network of customers, partners, associated, members, volunteers, interns and employees that have agreed to open / receive an account in the The Matrix-Q Digital Ecosystem Cloud Based Network.


The current stage of development of the experiment defines the purpose, use, terms of services and conditions for users of the Matrix-Q Coin (9 Economies). Visit [URL]


Stage Alpha Definitions: The Matrix-Q Sun: It is not a legal tender. It is not an ICO. It is a token that operates as a gift card or as a discount coupon and can not be cashed out. As a discount coupon is given under certain conditions to our ecosystem members. As a gift certificate can be purchased. It can not be transferred. It has a validity date limit. It has unique code per token generated by one algorithm.